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Welcome again to Vital Recruitment UK LTD, We are a specialist labour provider - and fully Licensed by the government bodies GLA, we specialize in providing labour to the agriculture, food and farming areas. The Company has been running for nearly 3 years now and we are building on our reputation as one of the main Labour providers in the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire area If you would like more information on the rates and the type of work we can provide then please give us a call on 01902 866436 or email us here. We are also offering Quote work, give us a call for more information.

What is a Labour Provider?

  • 1 Labour providers play a vital role in the agriculture and food supply industries by meeting the need for a reliable, flexible and high quality supply of labour. .
  • 2Labour providers range from huge national organizations providing thousands of workers at any one time to smaller niche operators who serve a local market.
  • 3Labour providers operate in a challenging and competitive environment and their work involves public policy issues in areas such as employment relations, taxation and immigrant workers

Who we Provide Labour To

  • 1horticulture commercial forestry work dairy farming, Packhouse and All Arable staff
  • 2the production of consumable produce (whether carried out for profit or not) the raising of animals that will enter the food chain the use of land as grazing, meadow or pasture land
  • 3any product containing an agricultural component (this includes fresh and processed products, this does not include non food items e.g. cosmetics) any drink that contains an agricultural component (e.g. sugar, hops, fruit etc.)
  • 4any animal product that will enter the food chain shellfish, fish or products derived from shellfish or fish plants, flowers, bulbs etc. pet and animal feed gathering of shellfish
  • our work

    You can view an Insight into some of the work we do day in day out 24 hour hours a day 365 days a year. For a more detailed report then you Can you view our Gallery, Access provided via our Email system.


    Outlined below are the main services we offer to Your Business.

    Labour Provider

    Transport Specialist




    Farming Specialist

    Packhouse Labour Specialist

    Arable Specialist

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    For any Quotes, Queries, Parole or Anything else todo with our company please contact us Monday - Friday 9am Till 5pm.
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