Vital Recruitment UK Ltd identifies that Modern Slavery and human trafficking could be a possible risk to our business.

Vital Recruitment UK Ltd (GLA number: VITA0008) are committed to working with all organisations to reduce and remove the threat in the UK.

From when a candidate applies for a position to the end of the workers working time with Vital Recruitment UK Ltd, we have strict procedures and policies to monitor, detect and determine signs of human trafficking and exploitation.

From the stage of registration candidates are required to provide valid ID and ‘’right to work’’ checks are then conducted. All documentation provided is scanned and immediately returned to the candidate.

Once ID and application forms are inspected and verified, candidates are interviewed face to face to discuss previous work history, expectations and suitable assignments available. We show each candidate a video created by stronger together which outlines what Modern Slavery is and what they can identify signs of somebody they know may be a victim to Modern Slavery. At the end of the interview, candidates are welcomed to Vital Recruitment UK Ltd and are provided with an induction that outlines their employment rights and contact details for all relevant authorities including the Gangmasters Licensing Authority and authorised persons within Vital Recruitment UK Ltd.

During Assignments through Vital Recruitment UK Ltd, workers are regularly visited on sight to check welfare. As well as completing internal audits we are regularly audited by clients, HMRC, and the GLAA. Audits include confidential worker interviews and welfare surveys.

Our company compliance standards and operating procedures help reduce the risk of human trafficking and labour exploitation taking place within our supply chain, however, If Vital Recruitment UK Ltd should be infiltrated, we have the knowledge and resources to identify and resolve the case quickly and effectively.

Approved by Kevin Billingsley, Managing Director of Vital Recruitment UK Ltd – March 2020


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