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Vital Recruitment UK Ltd is on social media, connect with us today. We post all relevant information via social media links. Keep update with blog posts, work opportunites, jobs and any information about our company instantly through our facebook and twitter page.

Maintaining a social presence is important to us here at Vital Recruitment UK Ltd, and we do all we can to support and communicate with those via our social links. In today's age its crucial to provide a good communication tool with employees and those who wish to be employed by us, social media is a perfect platform for this.

You can also connect and contact us via these pages and expect instant responses from a member of our team. Remaining social is important to us, and keeping in touch with our employees remains a value we hold dear. Any problems you may have, either with wage slips or general matters, message us via social media and we will be there to help.

You can find us here:

Any other queries which you feel may be urgent, please call us on 01952 815659.

Thanks from Vital.

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